About us

As the interest in metal detecting is substantially increasing nationwide, so is the interest of the common thief in your equipment. With metal detectors retailing at prices exceeding £3000, the proposition of acquiring equipment by nefarious means is on the rise. The National Register of Metal Detectors and Equipment aim to prevent the resale of stolen equipment, thereby lowering the appeal to steal.

Included in your annual subscription will be a free certificate of ownership PDF download that you can print out when you sell your equipment as proof of ownership.

Should you be unlucky enough to lose or have your equipment stolen, you can report it  to the Detector Register where it will be automatically added to the stolen/lost publicly visible section of the website.

Due to the increasing cost and high value of equipment, we are offering registration for detectors, coils and pin pointers. Protect your equipment by registering it on the National Detector Register database and keep yourself detecting.

If you are not a detectorist but thinking of joining the hobby, you can check the database for free before you buy any second hand equipment. By just entering the make/model & serial number, you will get an instant notification of the status of the item being checked.

Don't lose your detector, don't buy a stolen one. Check the National Detector Register first time every time!