Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Detector Register work?

The register allows you to upload the serial numbers of all your equipment which can then be checked by any potential purchaser at no cost. Why steal something you would be unable to re-sell? Even the opportunist will have very few, if any, outlets for its disposal.


What if the thief is unaware of the Detector Register?

He will try to dispose of it and as soon as he does, any purchaser will check to see if it's stolen. This protects the purchaser.


How does the Detector Register help recover your equipment?

When you report your detector or accessory stolen, you have the ability to add a reward for its return. When someone tries to sell it, whether on EBay, Gumtree, local media etc, they will be required to enter seller details. The purchaser will have access to them. He can report this to the police.


What if I live outside the UK?

The Detector Register is an International database and can be used in any country. Payment can be made via PayPal.


Where can I find my serial number?

To help locate the serial number on your equipment we have included an image page which shows you where to find it.


What if I change my equipment?

If you sell your detector or any other registered accessories you simply log into your account and amend your details. This service is unlimited so you can upgrade and add new serial numbers as often as you change your equipment.


How do I report something lost or stolen?

To report an item stolen, log in to your account and fill in the details. Anyone then checking the serial number will be informed of your report. There is also a 'reward' option to encourage anyone who may have inadvertently purchased the item to return it.


How can people check to see if something they are considering buying may be stolen?

The purchaser simply enters the serial number of the item into the search bar and within seconds the ownership status will be substantiated.