Where to find your Serial Number

Not sure where to find your serial number? Have a look at the pictures on this page.



Cscope 2MX and 3MX


Cscope CS1220XD


Cscope CS4PI


Cscope CS6MX


Deus coils (including all HF coils)


Deus Remote (on rear)


Garrett ACE 150 250 200i 300i 400i and euro ace


Garrett AT Pro / AT Gold


Makro/Nokta pointer


Makro Racer 1 and 2


Minelab CTX3030


Minelab Gold Monster


Minelab Safari


Minelab X-Terra 305 505 705


Pro Pointer 2 / AT Pointer


WS4 Headphones


WS5 Headphones


XP ADX 150 / XP Goldmax